Help us fund a pilot to start developing ready-now immigrant talent! Our goal is to raise $265,000 in order to leverage a team of subject matter experts to develop and place immigrant talent.

We have re engineered the immigrant employment life cycle, which enables us to build skilled, robust and reliable talent pipelines.
  • As a startup organization, our goal is to secure funding to implement a pilot develop ready-now talent. We are partnering with the Organization of Liberians in Minnesota and the Liberian Consulate of Minnesota to provide candidates for the pilot.
  • We are seeking three to four local organizations in the retail, hospitality and restaurant industries to participate.
  • Leveraging research regarding the barriers immigrants face and employing subject matter experts in the employment life cycle, Prosperity Ready will work with partners to successfully prepare not only candidates but organizations.
  • Our goal is to raise $265,000 in order to leverage a team of subject matter experts to develop ready - now talent over the course of a nine month, three phase pilot.
The pilot timeline includes three months for each phase:
1. Preparation  Design
2. Education Development
3. Placement Assessment
Our unique value
Our subject matter experts work across the full continuum of the immigrant employment life cycle. We work with private and public partners to connect diverse, ready now talent to best fit employers. We remove barriers that hinder successful employment by: matching skill sets and career interests to best fit jobs; remediating complex applicant tracking systems; partnering for creative transportation; determining the right mix of benefits; training new employees; managers and teams; and facilitating culture and change management.
Our process is unique because it systematically removes the barriers that exist across the entire life cycle, rather than focusing on one or two steps in the life cycle.

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$265,000 GOAL

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